Wow even in their own trailer the pop in is something fierce…the game looks beautiful but come on, should I even start playing now? plus there’s the whole pay to win / not pay to win thing…

all the work they’ve put into the world / story / family design things all seem for naught when it takes a back seat to the grinding and immediate power creep. I’m just trying to get a straight answer on whether or not the game is legit or just a gold covered turd.

and I’d expect them to use pre-rendered footage if their engine is so overloaded that the draw distance is that of a broken arm archer using a steel bow and the pop in is stronger than Genie coming from a lamp. I’m not making presumptions about the game but its just a bad representation when there’s already controversy concerning the game.

thats because your dumbass doesn;’t know where to sell an item and probably uses the areas that are under heavy tax by clans lmfao (which btw isnt removed only the marketplace tax which is still p2w thanks for admitting you abuse it).

There has been zero male elves even after showing the elven homeland. It’s just not going to happen unless they find a huge demand and a damn good reason to rerelease one of the first classes.

lol Tory blocked me in this comment section. Anyway that’s not how the auction house works. Whether I sell it in one town or the other the tax is still applied. I just tested, sold two items for the same price at 126k, one in Heidel, one in Altinova, both gave me about 80k.

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