Cool, I think we can agree then, that any perceived imbalance due to the RMT system of BDO is temporary, and will start to smooth out as gear and levels start to stabilize. Correct?

it will totally blow over in the coming updates, and will probably be even more balanced since some of the cash shop items will be available to everyone even those who don’t spend cash (such as the camouflage, assuming it is buyable in marketplace).

The biggest problem with this game is that, like all Korean games, it uses “RNG” when getting better gear. Either through enhancing or just looting it from mobs.

The RNG tends to be predictable, but at times will go to one extreme or another without reason. So there’s like a hidden probability in play, that 5% of the time you will either get REALLY lucky or REALLY unlucky.

For example when enhancing my gear, I’ve gotten up to 42 unsuccessful attempts. Each failure gives you a enhancement bonus (although the % it gives stops at a certain point, I believe 25 failures). And then I’ve enhanced an item from +14 to +15 (max) on the first try, or more recently, +13 on the first try, then +14 in 2 tries, then +15 in 1 try.. which is INCREDIBLY improbable.

Neverwinter is now on ps4.. that’s a game i didn’t know if people even ask… but they said people did… so heres a game that’s alot of people are asking.. and since the Pc community is giving it a bad impression (look at the dislike bar) here’s even more hoping than it will go to ocnsoles.

Awakening is an extension of the class since you can swap modes in combat. There’s also been other MMOs with advance jobs and ones with split job advancements.

I don’t know why you guys even bother reporting this game, its dead now in the west or dying really fast because of all the new p2w features they just added. It quickly became one of the most hated games of all time which is a shame because it used to be one of the best new mmo’s this decade.

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