Pretty chill video. Could have edited it a bit more but I wanted to try to fully explain on my thoughts. Some things I forgot to mention is that I LOVE the fact that there’s doesn’t seem to be any fast traveling or teleporting of any kind. That makes the world of BDO feel like it’s a main character of the game right along side you. Also increases my attachment to everything I mentioned in this video.

Autopathing disables the Pearl Store. I guess it’s to prevent yourself from getting ganked by enemy guilds or critters racing through combat areas on autopilot while purchasing stuff online.

The new thing it seems is to call every mmo p2w. Many people are trashing this game as p2w. But I’m playing it and i don’t see it, yeah i picked up an outfit. Not because the game forced me, because i wanted to. And i see nothing in the cash shops that will help you. “Get gud” If someone knows why this games is being picked on as p2w please share with me why?

I’ve been in a similar boat with BDO, finding myself focusing on what I’d normal think the terribly mundane… such as farming, fishing, crafting… etc. I’ve never leveled so slowly in a game before, because it’s the first time I’ve felt that it’s not necessarily the most important thing to do! Usually, I feel it’s a rush to “end game,” so I can actually play. But this game really begins right away. It’s refreshing, and in someways overwhelming! But, I find that overwhelming feeling to be exciting, there’s just that much to do.

Well I dont know of you already bought it.. but it would just be 30€, nothing more nothing less… Denmark dont use euro either, so I really dont think you will have to pay extra. Also it is a one time buy, meaning there is no monthly subscriptions. You pay 30€ and you have the entire game forever included future updates. Now there is a 50€ version as well, which gives a few benfits. If you have any questions feel free to ask about anything.

I just purchased this game and will be heading over to Orwen to say hello when the download is done. Have you started a guild yet or are you still debating whether or not to start one up?

lol i was lvl20 for days, but i made a mistake by making a boss scroll that requires lvl50 and i hate the idea of wasting it because its a very good one =\ sooo i’m in the process of lvling. Just a heads up to those who are thinking of buying it DO NOT USE your HORSE all the time! When he opened the “P” menu..the one with character details..there was one called “breath” that is very important specially for magical classes. So is health and to get health up you must eat. Just a couple of things I didn’t know when i first started that I think is somewhat important specially if you plan on pvping.

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