Thats the sad part about todays gamers n todays mmorgs, we get handheld to much. u need to open ur mind and embrace the options thrown at u and pick ur path. once u learn the game ull c its much more diverse n has many systems making u want to stay, whereas in other mmorgs its staleness and simplicity makes u get bored eventually.

I’m still enjoying the hell out of GW2 since beta. Not a complicated game and they explain things well. that game also has heart and soul, it’s alive. Black Desert seems lifeless to me. I was still playing but the constantly full inventory and bugged quests held me back. that was back at launch anyway. might not be for me.

I couldn’t quite tell during the gameplay but it looked like some of your abilities mark enemies when you were using the dummies. Is this just a passive dot you can apply, a cc effect like slow, or a way to combo abilities to “pop” the mark for extra damage?

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