Mmorpgs have been dying over the years. when they first come out there were 100s of millions…now…theres half that or less even. they need to change their format and system or they will die soon i think they should do a model of just everyone being the same level like in the game chivalry and u can unlock more skills from intence fighting with player skill . chivalry in a mmorpg setting with a hint of arcade in there. eso/gw2/bdo/gloria victis/dc/camelot unchained are the games that will be out and doing ok, until someone comes along and makes a game like the one i just mentioned.

I want to play this game but the only thing that keeps me away is the fact that I have to download it XD … I bet this is one of those games that takes 3 days to download.

I would really love to play this game. However I really have no idea how to. I only have a toshiba laptop that’s not the fastest and I’m flat out broke. Does it cost money? How do I get the game? How do I play? I’ve never even played a mmo before. I’m so overwhelmed with all the questions but I really would love to play. Can anyone give me any advice.

This game requires high pc requirements even to start running, let alone run at High.You can buy this game for thirty euros if you are in the EU. I dont want to be a scumbag, but a toshiba laptop wont be able to lift the burden of the high requirements that BDO has.

Yeah so much to do. and alt characters make things a little more easier to manage things as they share energy/contrib totals… I have like 106 EP max now so when I log in my lvl 16 wizard he might have that as his total, so he can spend that on cooking or alchemy, when my lvl50 warrior main character can use his EP for missions and knowledge from npc’s.

Contested areas can be a pain… try doing the Ogre kill quest when a guild wants to claim the region for their own, lots of PvP that way…. like doods I just want 2 Ogres to complete this stupid quest…not farming here for hours!! pain in the butt. Guilds are the important thing at high level as you need the party support, though finding a party is not hard but takes time. Guilds make it easier.

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