I can’t say I am surprised because I never had any fixed expectations. These people will always “re-evaluate” their business models in the interests of profit despite any statements made in the past. We should expect that the only strong positions they will hold are the ones leading to maximum profit. And those positions will shift. The fact is they can always change/reverse their position and provide carefully worded justification to soften the blow. Trying to hold them to what they say is a waste of time. Its not in their best interest to provide absolution in any direction. If they did it was a mistake. It is also naive to harbor feelings of betrayal as you will almost never have a bond/trust with any corporation that goes beyond increasing their profit margins.

What did player expect actually… Game is p2b… It’s obvious cash will run out sooner or later… Companies need to pay employes if you want continous updates for the game…. Only games which might NOT BE p2w eventually are games which are p2p… p2b in mmo is stupid by definition because you expect them continously work on it… You are expecting that you are not buying finished product…

I dont know why people are so upset? We know this is coming when the game is first launch. People like to pick and choose apart GM statements. but Im pretty sure they are clear that they gonna add this sooner or later. People are retarded and have unreal expectations and get disappointed. Those that quit over this should just quit playing MMO in general. Every triple A MMO from now on will have you converse RL money to in-game currency in some way.

also keep in mind the majority out the people with brains has either left or left the morons to their own on the forum and keep away. it is clear that they didn’t care view every one was against it so at this point there is no reason to keep repeating the problems in it. personally I will play until I get bored but I am done supporting them,will buy Northing more from them ever and I am a high spender so people like me is a loss to them.

Don’t worry, they’ll be happy to give you your 30/50/100 dollars worth of pearl shop shitcash for a game you aren’t planning to play any more to use it with. They’ll consider you squared at that point. And probably use it as a defense in a class-action, although it may not work since you bought a game that’s free on the grounds that you would not have played it with the features you paid to have removed/excluded from the version you purchased. you could still win a class-action. If enough people got involved with it.

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