Ashes of Creation is an MMORPG developed by Intrepid Studios. Set in a backdrop of high fantasy, players will venture into a vast new world to explore and tame the wilderness. Ashes of Creation’s foundational node system means nearly the entirety of the world is built by player choice and actions! No two player experiences will feel the same – every server ebbs and flows with its own unique story and character all based on player choice.

There is not much information on the games lore, but we will give you a lot speculation and analysis with a rough idea.

Puts on Tinfoil Top hat lets get the lore train rolling. Someone should of counted the amount of time she said “glowey stuff “. Red glowy corrupted stuff on creatures, races and structures. But not on “divine” portals. It’d be amazing lore if the punch was what infected or brainwashed what is now corrupted! Those who fled through the portals were driven away by the corrupted but now players are back to reclaim land.

They leave their world because of great corruption. so this is the part where my story is near the end. I have some stories that is longer than wow’s lore come on.

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