Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is talking about a world populated by deities and heroes, called Terminus. The player will be as a legendary hero, stripped of his or her powerful relics and left to explore the dramatically diverse and epic regions of Terminus with hopes of reclaiming their relics and those of lost heroes. Combat will be executed by pre-selecting spells and abilities based on player experience and strategy.

Pre-Alpha footage, already looks, plays and has better, more fluid and more stable combat than most big MMOs coming out soon slowly looks at Revelation Online.

Most promising middle route is buy to play, as I always buy it, if it looks at least a bit interesting, and if you set up a cosmetic shop ingame, well I buy those too, like GW2 and LoL. Those are the best representative of free 2 play and buy to play options, and they work great, with great service and awesome player count.

Anon Name lock on system is great. Blade and Soul has a lock on system and it has the best combat in any mmo I’ve ever played. Great combat focused games like dark souls and for honor also have lock on systems. My issue with this trailer is that combat looks really clunky.

People think action combat is “the future” when in reality it just makes for some really poor gameplay. Tab targeting allows for much more fluid combat when it comes to dungeons and raiding. I can only see action combat being good if it’s in a game where PvP is the main focus.

Maksim Tumanov this is just not true unless you are using drag and drop assets in ue4. The engine does not create your effects, environments, camera angles, optimization, character assets, scripts and everything else that is involved with a game. The engine is solely a platform to bridge and efficiently processes these assets. I’m not sure how much you have delved into game development but unless you have some excellent talent you cannot create something like this.

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