Tree of Savior is developed based on traditional Lithuanian culture and mythology PC MMORPG. It utilizes a Class system which determines what abilities a character has access to. There are four base classes available that can be advanced further as they progress.

There are hidden classes in Tree of Savior with each one requiring to reach a certain rank and completing various requirements to unlock. Here we give appraiser of Archer Hidden Class in Tree of Savior. And Archer is a basic class in archer-type classes.

Arrow’s attack power will vary depending on the character’s distance from the enemies. If you change the stance of your character, then you won’t be able to move, but then the effective attack range will increase.

If you want to do this class for my A1QS3. But I didn’t know if it was worth it to don’t go on A2 (because if you take Appraiser, you have to chose between Scout and Archer2 at rank 6). Blindside attribute seems really interesting in that case even if it’s not a personal buff.

If the monsters get attacked by a strong arrow attack, sometimes they will be hooked together and as a result you can attack these monsters easily as if you are handing just one monster.

The reason why we can’t indicate the exact 100% or the rate is because the evasion or the critical rates are decided by comparing your character’s evasion or critical rates and the monsters that you are facing against. So for example, when you face against 3 kinds of monsters, the final critical or evasion rates are decided depending on those 3 monsters’ stats. We understand that this is not intuitive so we will use “Appraiser” class to view the exact rates.

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