The overal fiew is the same, but rs in my opinion is just more enjoyable. this game has a imense long cooldown on the recource spawns and you come across maps completely grinded out … and same point nobody or rarely someone else to see, the community what seems so important is just like anny other game spitfire and trash; it’s only worth investing time/mioney if you find a good social guild else it’s a dead valley like all other sandboxes out there.

When you die you loose mostly all the items you have on you. If you’ve ever played Runescape you would know… On runescape if you die you loose all your items but if you go back to where you died. You can pick up your items But then again other people can also pick up your items.

It makes a lot of sense though for this game set-up. Especially if items decay with use, break down over time, etc. It stimulates the economy, makes it so the people who are always crafting, gathering, etc always have something to do and will always have a market to sell to. I remember playing EVE Online, (Never played RS), and there was a simple saying for us (0.0 Pirates) Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose. It looks like the same applies to equipment in Albion. Don’t wear what you can’t afford to lose.

how the word Sandbox and Rouglike get raped these days half of these developers dont even know what sandbox means Mincraft is sandbox. Fixed building place and always same resources spots and not totally changable surroundings are for sure not sandbox.

Also I don’t see why people are bothered by the drop on death system. It’s basically like mine craft and you can choose to respawn at one of your homes, so its about calculating risk and storage management and trade and shizzle.

So i see this “iPhone Game” Graphics and i already decided not to even try it. I might miss out on super gaming system and new ideas and what not, but if it doesn’t look good i don’t want to play it… Of Course i wouldn’t play an mmorpg only because of good graphics. But i am wondering anybody else feel like why invest time playing a “phone” game on my Gaming PC ?

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