Game looks fun maiby thinking to try it  how it works where u get gear and to u need to lvl and stuff like that? To i loose my gear and mount and stuff on my bag when i die?Is this game pay to win ? And ofc awesome video i really enjoed it i am huge pvp fan If i andurstand correctly u can get wery rich while pvping getting other player stuff for urself.

Its kind of strange, because theres a learning point system, which means you have to pay learning points, to “skip” like 80% of a single grind. For example you need to get 1.000.000 XP, theres a red and a orange bar. If you didnt fill anything, you need to pay like 300 Learning points and as soon as you reach the end of the red bar (which is at about 20%) The cost will go down to about 35 learning points.

The main problem is, that you only get learning points if you have a premium account. You get them in no difference of activity, just everyday 20 learning points.
The system is kind of retarded and will hopefully get fixed, because many people protest against it.

If you die in a pvp area (which starts at about tier 4, thats like 20 hardcore hours of play.) You will be on the ground and the enemy can loot your complete inventory (even the premium loot you get when buying now). And on a certain point you cant avoid moving into pvp areas, because some ressources wont spawn in the beginner areas.

There is no real level system, its more like the learning point system I explained above. You level up certain categories, like using a sword. For example, to be able to use Tier 4 Sword. you need to fight with a Tier 3 sword, and should use some learning points. After that youre able to use only this kind of tier 4 sword.

The thing about this game, and The Division, is that if the option to attack other players is available, people will attack. There’s never going to be a standoff or friendly conversation. Everyone will have the “everything in this game needs to die” mentality. Players are players, they’re just harder mobs to kill and that ruins it for me.

I think this hardcore early-UO, DayZ style of game will work for a niche market of gamers, that will be very happy to have it, but I don’t think it will become a mainstream thing. There is a reason that the mainstream games, including UO, became more forgiving to the player. People were quitting UO left and right over how cruel the game was in the early days. That’s why I quit UO, way back when I attempted to enjoy MMORPG’s. I’m not going to play (and sure as hell not pay to play) a game, so that I can be the prey/victim for a bunch of griefers, that don’t fight fairly. That’s not the only reason I hate MMORPG’s, but it’s one of the big reasons, and the more hardcore the game is, the worse the effect of griefers. The definition of “griefer” that I’m using here is basically any player that doesn’t play fairly against other players — attack people much lower level than them, gang up on people, attack people while they are fighting NPC’s, steal really nice items from people that took those people weeks to get by grinding on the treadmill of farming/crafting, and so on.

The game has to be just as easy and just as profitable to play a good guy as it is to play a bad guy, or I’m not going to play it, because I’m not going to be that coward that fights unfairly. Those cowards are the carebears, because they avoid challenges. They take the easy route of killing everyone in the game that they don’t know.

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