Love these builds, but now im kinda torn between using the 1h axe/torch which i really like, or now this one!! An im the exact same way i play solo. Haven’t even bothered trying to join a guild or get into any of that stuff yet.

Have you found any up to date maps that show mob lvls? The ones on the games page are all older versions on the map, and the onlinedatabase page is ALL kinds of messed up with old info.

I really couldnt understand this game what do you mean with strongest is not evertone equals ? For example ı wanna use dual sword wiht medium leather armor can ı beat this build?

This is just a very strong, all purpose build. It has good sustain damage, DoT, CC, Move speed buffs, gap closer, and defensive buffs. It can be beat by any build if you don’t play it right, but this is just a very strong build in every way.

In most ways yes! It deals more damage, has more stick potential, and has cc which are all better than the 1h axe build, but that build has MUCH more sustain than this one. Hope this helps!

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