Why do paid promotion videos get so much hate? First of all everyone does them i.e it’s what Youtubers have to do to earn extra money (even the richest ones like PewDiePie do it) — secondly Hobbs stated it in the video — whilst some people don’t even admit it …Thirdly, the game doesn’t even look that awful.

I’m disappointed that you didn’t gather the whole dungeon and AoE them down like back in the WoW glory days. JK. This game looks good but I’m still not sure it is worth it. You look like Steven Spielberg, by the way.

hey man! that was not a dungeon, that was a mineshaft. In order for you to get into a dungeon: as soon as you enter a mineshaft there should be a red circle (dungeon portal) on the mini map where the mineshaft’s boss is. If there is no portal icon then this means that either you are in a really low level area or somebody else has beaten the dungeon and it is on cooldown.

Now if there is a portal icon on the minimap then as soon as you kill the boss of the mineshaft (at the very end of the mineshaft) a portal will open and you can jump in the dungeon! Careful though, dont underestimate the dungeon’s boss.

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