I would LOVE this game had it not been in isometric camera angle. I know its been made to play on mobile so it limits it, but man, if it was free range camera I’d be soooo down to play.

the gathering is so grinding you cant do anything in the game because it takes to much time. so if you have a job you wont get any where. runescape is grinding but this is worse and is more grinding at least with runescape i can watch videos when playing not this after tier 3 and with the smae amount of time in osrs you can feel a progression but this is it feels like you are stuck and nothing have changed.

i enjoy the cross platform, cuz when im at work or not at home, i can just log in gather or craft tons of items, etc so i dont have to deal with it when i get back to my pc 🙂 + it’s amazing when ur on the restroom.

They’ve done a good job with the Graphics, as they knew it had to be able to run on mobile, they needed a low-graphic demanding game. So what they did, was making it a bit cartoony, and simple, so simple that it turned out looking good.

Sorry to burst your bubble but there´s no open beta release to be had. The last betaphase started 2 weeks ago. At launch this game will also be buy 2 play so you can just grab a founders pack and jump right in.

i did Albion Alpha and first BETA, was in a top guild so went all the way to T8 gear. The game is amazing, dont get fooled by its grpahics. The group and guild gameplay is so much fun. I m at Black Desert atm waiting for Albion Launch after this last BETA. I recommend this to any pvp and grind lover player.

I do it in this format as it allows for more immersion. Playing off stream/off recording without worrying about looks/speaking to an audience while doing so. Also I enjoy this kind of format, idk maybe its just my style but I feel like these are more reviews of the first few hours than a first impressions. I like Peon’s as well. His are more entertaining and give you a “what to expect for a newcomer in the first few hours” while mine is kind of an overview of the game from someone who experienced a few hours or couple of days. Glad you enjoyed it though!

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