I’m from brazil and want to play this game like, so much! but i wont pay a founder pack cuz the most basic one cost like 70R$ here really expensive, is like idk spend 70USD on a unreleased game its just ridiculous.

Bought into this a while ago and really want to play it but find it really hard to want to progress much when I know I’ll just be wiped. Either way thanks for the video, I’ve been curious what the current state of the game was like looks promising!

Of course the community is dead… there is nothing to do in this game! Boring dungeons, boring quests, boring farming, and ridiculously boring cities that are all exactly the same. I dont get the point of having such a huge map if it is all filled with the exact same boring mobs.

albion online has been on beta for how long now 2 yrs?! ….they sell premium telling people its free to play..the time its actually free to play everyone else will be like what lvl 100 and every nook and cranny has been explored already.

I also think that Population is not really an issue in beta. I follow information about the game since the first beta, but I will not put too much time in it until it releases.

Any ideas (Even just a ballpark) of when your progression will be saved? Or will it only be when the game is released? Sometimes games let you keep some form of progressing in beta.

You really need to work on your communication skills. In the first 5 minutes of your video, you convey no real information about anything. It’s mostly incoherent rambling with filler words and sentences such as “As you can see..”, “Let’s go ahead and jump straight into this”, “Let’s jump into the map here”, “There are lots of places here”. You could have just said, in a since sentence, in the world of Albion Online the map is divided into “biomes” which include areas such as deserts, swamps and forests. Maybe that’s why your video is 32 minutes long, because of all that rambling.

Is it possible to play this game purely as a crafter/farmer? One thing I loved about ArcheAge was the entire farming and trade pack system and how I could dedicate my entire time to it. Can I do that in Albion? Also, how long does the crops take to grow on the farms?

Yes, you can basically be a crafter/farmer but you will need to gather (and sometimes PvE/PvP) unless you have friends bringing you resources. You will be safe to farm on your island or any of your friends/guild members islands that give you permission. I don’t use mine and I let friends farm it xD. There are also farming plots around the world that are not safe and you will need to defend your plot from enemy guilds but you can increase your total harvest by using them. Finally, crops take 22 hours before being ready for harvest. You can have 9 plants per 1 farming plot and you can get 3 farming plots on your island for a reasonable price. You will be harvesting 27 plants per day with this.

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