If this game has shitty mechanics its because the developers made it that way. Its still possible to design a good multi-platform game even with the limited input of mobile devices. The mobile version just needs an awkward touch screen interface.

I am really looking forward to the idea of certain areas being rich in certain resources. With local markets, this will be a great way for people to make profits by moving goods in caravans. I just have one question. Will there ever be a case for traders where if they want to make a REALLY BIG profit, they have to cross some PVP zone? I want the game to encourage traders to be risky if they want to make more money(maybe there is a shortcut through pvp zones, players can go around it for safery, or through it for quickest and therefore more profit)..They have to make it by PVP zones which might have bandits. Or maybe traders can hire people to escort them. This is my dream. I want to be a trader, I want to trade my ore to towns with no significant ore deposits, I want to take risks and hire people to protect me.

You don’t need loading screens, although the entire world isn’t loaded into a player’s RAM at once. It’s selective use depending on what your screen is showing, with it actively loading necessary parts depending on your location. It’s how WoW has very few loading screens, it’s how Black Desert has few loading screens, etc..

You might not have caught when they said in the video, that resource nodes will spawn randomly, or at least change spawns periodically, meaning that at least periodically it will be worthwhile to re-explore the areas you gather resources in.

this may seem a simple thing, But I’m impressed and excited that you guys had that moving animation of the two guys on the castle at the end of the video. I feel this game could sell itself, but you need animations to snag people’s attention. (hint: lets get a new animated intro video!). The animation at the end of this video reminds me of the League of Legend’s startup screens and screen savers. Really eye catching stuff. and pleasant to look at. Please do more animations and marketing! excited for after the wipes to play for real.

The only thign that keeps me away from buying this game it’s the full looting on PvP , if they can make a world where I can just worry about crafting and running dungeons …well I’ll be all over that.

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