lmao ur on the same server i am on. Watch out for the infinite grind end game though. literally they put no cap to enchantments, and no cap to leveling. So you can imagine how some lucky people have some insanely lucky crazy enchantment levels and also the people who dont stop level grinding are at like level 61.

its just an analogy. but basically the system is extremely cruel. if u fail u take 2 steps back and u ahve to start all over again. thats the kind of grind you’ll be facing.

The flags that soldiers carry depend on the guild that currently owns the city. The guild that currently owns Calpheon is BlackRose, so their guild logo shows up.

The protestors also carry signs with the guild logo, except crossed out. Also, killing too many protestors lowers your karma. If your karma is negative you may lose enhancements on death and guards will attack you.

You may also want to consider getting new gear for your horse. Saddles increase health and stamina, for example. You can also dye horse gear for easy recognition.

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