Somthing ive always been wondering about is there you are from. Your accent Sounds very familiar, but i have never could put my finger on Where you are from. Can you clare it for me?

I don’t understand what WCB was trying to accomplish, since people would have found out about his theft sooner or later, especially if his fanbase grows bigger and bigger. He wasn’t doing it just for kicks either, since he was actively inciting viewers to subscribe.

Not to mention that most are so infuriatingly selective about their views on realism. As an example, they’ll bash mages because it’s SO unrealistic to wear robes into battle while relentlessly defending those crazy plate shoulders you can find, because apparently someone proved that “full plate doesn’t slow you down.”

Full plate doesnt slow you down, with the muscle mass of warcraft npcs. Its entirely feasible to be able to fight for hours with that equipment.The robes into battle is the same as sexy armour being stronger for women. A 14ft tall, sexually repressed demon with a giant throbbing vieny…warglaive is going to be less inclined to stomp a sexy elf with her tits out. More likely hes gonna try and knock the bitch out without damaging her.So he can grab her by the pussy.

Why the hell can Gryphons, or really ANY flying mount, be able to hover in place? Literally the only kind of bird that can do that in real life is the Hummingbird, without the aid of a headwind, at least. But even if we assume that every time a player idles midair that they’re positioned towards a headwind the largest bird known to hover is the Pied kingfisher which measures approx. 17 cms long.

Then again, there’s a ton of things in WoW that are stupid that you didn’t mention. Like why not everyone uses guns and why people even bother with classes like Warrior when you have gatling guns. Or why you actually have to give a Bank bags to store extra items in. Do they just have a lockup with each players’ bags and items? Why not just rent the lockup, and not have to supply bags? Also, what’s up with the Transmogrification dealers being Ethereals? We haven’t actually seen much of the Ethereals or the Consortium since BC (a few have popped up here and then, but not often) and yet they just kinda open shops in major cities and nobody asks any questions. In terms of written lore, Gnolls are supposed to be fairly tall, perhaps around the size of an average Worgen. Why are the in-game models so small?

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